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TAXATION IN ETHIOPIA – SST_037 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


The aim of the course is to enable participants to get familiarized with the way the right amount is paid at the right time. This course will train individuals on the different types of taxes and processes applied in Ethiopia.


Major Types of Taxes existing in Ethiopia

• Direct Taxes

o Tax on Income from Employment / Personal Income Tax

o Business Profit Tax

o Tax on Income from Rental of Buildings

o Tax on Interest Income on Deposits

o Dividend Income Tax

o Tax on Income from Royalties

o Tax on Income from Games of Chance

o Tax on Gain of Transfer of certain Investment Property

o Tax on Income from Rental of Property

o Rendering of Technical Services outside Ethiopia

o Agricultural Income Tax

o Land Use Tax

• Indirect Taxes

o Turnover Tax

o Excise Tax

o Value Added Tax

o Customs Duty

• Stamp Duty

• Categories of Tax Payers

o 2.1 Category”A”Tax Payers

o 2.2 Category “B”Tax Payers

o 2.3 Category “C”Tax Payers

o Schedule 1 for Category "C" Tax Payers

• Declaration of Income and Assessment of Taxes

• Tax Incentives

• Purposes for which the Tax Revenue is utilized

• Views of the Business Community

• Future Plans of Improvement of the Tax System


Interested candidate to know the Process of taxation in Ethiopia, Investors from Ethiopia and abroad Project management and consultants from Business and consultancy firms, researchers, academicians, students, and other interested parties in business and investments.


By the end of the program, participants will be able to: Know about all types of taxes in Ethiopia.


Lecturing with small group exercises, sharing of experiences, presentation and analysis of cases will be training methods. The training programme will be interactive and based on actual work situations. Modern audio-visual aids will be used by the instructors to present their lectures. The medium of instruction will be in English.


Trainees would be awarded a high-quality certificate of completion for participating in the training programmes


The course fee will be ________ ETB which includes tuition fees, provision of learning materials, tea and snacks during the training sessions & lunch at the last day of training (completion).